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Can You Use Wet And Forget In Washers Without Any Trouble?

by Kathryn

Wet and forget can be a life savior but incorrect usage or lack of knowledge before using it may lead to unexpected or failed results. So why waste your money? See whether or not can you use wet and forget in a pressure washer. Remember that you can get the chemical online or offline from a drug store or a pharmacy. Moreover, they might be available at certain home improvement stores or convenience stores. Several brands sell the chemical under their brand names and the prices vary. So choose wisely before selecting a product. When buying wet and forget, you just need to look for a brand with a low price since the chemicals would be the same. Usually, wet and forget are not so compatible with pressure washers, but there are some products that show compatibility.

Can You Use Wet And Forget In Any Pressure Washer?

The first question arising in most people’s minds is if you can put a pressure washer and wet and forget in together. Most pressure washers are not designed to facilitate wet and forget input. The reason is a pressure washer would throw the water at a very high pressure, making the chemical totally useless. However, an alternate solution does exist ever known to humans. And that’s using a pressure washer that takes wet and forget as an input separately. This means that compatible pressure washers would have two input units- one for water and other for wet and forget.

What Do You Mean By Wet & Forget?

Wet and forget is a famous chemical that eliminates the use of a scrub or a brush for efficient cleaning. It removes stubborn stains and dirt that won’t come off easily from any given surface. The chemical is useful in removing those stains that are almost impossible or challenging to remove manually. The most common usage sites can include bathrooms, tiles, etc. The chemical can also eliminate contamination, hence also an ideal product for disinfection. It can take several hours for the product to show its magic. Some people consider wet and forget as a bleach, which is totally wrong.

Wet & Forget Usage Instructions

While using wet and forget, there are certain usage instructions you need to keep in mind or else you’ll be deprived of the expected results.

Consider An Ideal Pressure Washer

Not all pressure washers have the correct water harvest rate that is ideal for wet and forget. If your pressure washer can take in wet and forget from a separate tank at a solution of 5:1, then consider going for it.

A Quick Review & Insight Into Wet & Forget

Whether you’re using a pressure washer or not with wet and forget, you need to remember these things. For example, use wet and forget outdoors. And most importantly, choose a clear day. Avoid rainy days and make sure that the surface and the weather is not humid or wet. Once you apply wet and forget, ensure leaving the surface untouched so that the chemical can disinfect the surface area. It’s important to remember that some manufacturers claim their product to work even on rainy or windy days. While that’s true to some extent, you will still not get the best results, so, still, choose a clear and sunny day.

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