Classification of Glass lifting equipment

Classification of Glass lifting equipment

The glass lifting equipment is the tool to safely handle the glass or move it from one place to another. The glass needs extra care and safety .for this purpose, the industry uses tools or vacuums to lift the glass or hold it without any damage.

Best equipment for glass lifting for industrial areas

Glass handling is a challenging task. If you do a little carelessness, then the glass will be shattered or can be cracked .for several years, industries have been using accessories to hold the glass. Some of the most demanding lifting equipment are given below:

Glass lifter with post

It is a type of lifter which is specifically designed for moving a glass from one place to another, specifically the given below mirror:

  • Insulating glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Curtain wall
  • Construction of glass.

The pneumatic glass lifter

This tool is specially designed for laminated, hollow, and raw glass. This lifter includes an air cylinder that helps lift the glass, or you can upside down the glass with the help of this lifter.

Suction cup lifters

Suction cup lifters are very commonly used products or tools to lift a glass with care from one place to another without any damage. The suction cup has a variety of types that can be used according to the need or demand .these glass suction cup lifters are:

  • Compressed air suction cups
  • Electric-powered suction lifters
  • For curved or bent glass
  • For the moving of insulated glass from one place to another.

Suction cup filters are one of the most demanding and trending lifters for glass lifting. It is considered the best and safest way to lift a glass.

Crawler cranes

The crawler crane is another glass lifting tool. It is mostly used to carry the glass from one side of the industrial area to its side with care.

Mobile cranes:

Mobile cranes also carry glass or any other heavy industrial material from one place to another in an industrial area.

Advantages of glass lifting equipment

There are many advantages of glass lifters because they are demanding and most used tools for handling glass. The lifter can carry the glass from one area to another without any damage to the glass. When the glass is picked up manually, it has a high chance of destruction or cracking. These lifters are very easy to operate. The suction cups make industrial work very easy. The vacuum or suction cups tightly hold the glass, whether it is small or large in size.


It is concluded that with the help of glass lifting equipment or a lifter, it is very safe to carry the glass or lift it in times of need. The lifter will provide you with the secure shifting of a glass. The suction cups best hold the glass in a tightly or packed condition. If you are carrying the glass in old or ancient ways, like with cranes, then you should try the suction cups or vacuum lifters for the glass carrying.