Discussing Some Myths & Misconceptions Regarding Variable Speed Screw Compressors

Discussing Some Myths & Misconceptions Regarding Variable Speed Screw Compressors

If you are in search of ways to bring the deficiency of your business then you can have a look at the technology of variable speed compressors that will serve as a blessing for your business. There was a time when they were only used for putting air into the tires but then their structure became more groomed and now we are taking multiple services from them.

They provide amazing benefits as compared to other tools. They work great in controlling energy consumption and due to silent working, they can be kept in the offices. A variable speed compressor can provide a steady stream of compressed air that can be utilized for further process and in different tools where compressed air is demanded.

Myths & Misconceptions about VSD Compressors

As we know, the applications of variable screw air compressors are increasing over time. Lots of people are coming up with several misconceptions regarding these compressors. These myths and misconceptions are mentioned below:

Equal Manufacturing Procedure of Compressors

Compressors are manufactured based on different sizes, types, and designs and even have different benefits and limitations. The compressors used for different purposes are manufactured using different technology measures like centrifugal, rotary screw, reciprocating, etc.

Hence it's important to consider the vsd screw compressor with the capabilities that you want otherwise your demand will not be fulfilled and your money will go to waste.

Compression of Air Is the Only Job of Compressors

Considering the name of the compressor, it doesn't mean that they are only used for the compression of air but are also considered for other purposes. We will find compressors in industrial fields, pneumatic tools, refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, etc. Due to having amazing design, the applications of variable screw air compressors are getting wide.

Compressors Produce Noises

There was a time when vsd screw compressors produce some kind of noise but due to advanced technology compressors stop making noise while working. Now, they can be easily installed in companies and offices and will never disturb the employees. Different features like vibration isolation, sound enclosures, and airflow designs help in reducing the sound effect from the compressor.

No Regular Maintenance Is Required For Compressors

It's a very unreal misconception about vsd screw compressor that it doesn't need regular maintenance. It's a basic fact that every tool needs regular maintenance for efficient working and if there is any negligence while maintaining the tool then we have to face the consequences. These consequences can be in the form of damage or slow working etc.

Maximum Efficiency Is Required For Operating Compressors

Every machinery including the compressor has a certain operating range. If a device is made to operate beyond this range like higher capacity or lowered capacity then it will result in increasing the energy conception and reducing the efficiency of the tool.

Therefore to overcome this problem it is always suggested to compare the vsd screw compressor with the particular application so that optimal efficiency can be ensured.

The Same Quality Compressed Air Is Produced By All Compressors

Lots of people still think that the same quality of compressed air is obtained from all the compressors but it's wrong. Different quality of compressed air is produced by different types of compressors. More oil is obtained from the compressed air produced by reciprocating compressors as compared to the oil face crew compressors.

Moreover, the quality of compressed air obtained from different compressors depends upon the treatment systems and the level of air filtration. Hence you should go ahead with that second presser that is according to the needs of your purpose. In this way, you don't have to regret buying it.

Sum Up

As variable speed air compressors are getting a great significant position in the market, therefore, the misconceptions about these compressors are revolving at a high amount. When people are utilizing variable-speed air compressors in their little work, they are also getting several myths about these compressors in their minds.