Pressure Washers’ Nozzles For The Window Cleaner

Pressure Washers’ Nozzles For The Window Cleaner

Pressure washers are the equipment or tools used for cleaning purposes. An ideal pressure washer for cleaning purposes consists of many basic parts. It includes hoses, spray nozzles, and turbo heads. Pressure washers have many models that clean dirty clean windows and terraces. The pressure washers contain spray nozzles with a forceful high pressure of water, that might injure people and cause property destruction. For window cleaner various types of spray nozzles are used. Pressure washing the window cleaner with different nozzles will help remove dirt.

Nozzle performance factors

There are many factors that affect spray nozzle performance. A clean surface shows the capacity of performance of washers. Following are a few factors

Liquid properties

Just for better spraying conditions spray nozzles are seen. One should see the nozzle tip or drop size supplied by manufacturers while selecting nozzles.


A liquid temperature does not directly affect spray nozzles. But viscosity and surface tension that enhances nozzle performance affect spray nozzles of pressure washer.

Nozzle wear

Nozzle wear indicates an increase in nozzle capacity as well as a change in the spray pattern of pressure washers.

Types of nozzles tips

There are different types of nozzle tips used in pressure washers. A few of them are listed here:

Red nozzle tip

For cleaning little areas red nozzle tips are used. Removing dirt and grime becomes a little difficult or tough with such tips. So, such tips are used for pressure washers by homeowners and sustain from use on soft surfaces.

Yellow nozzle tip

Yellow nizzles tips help remove dust easier than red nozzle tips. It is used for surfaces prepared for painting. For easy removal of dust this type of nozzle is used from the right distance and direction.

Green nozzle tip

Green nozzle tips are used around homes for cleaning purposes. These are especially great for cleaning boats, driveways, and patio furniture. At a faster rate, it helps pressure washers to clean.

White nozzle tip

Such types of pressure washers are used for surfaces that are weak or fragile. So low pressures are used for windows and blinds cleaning.

Black nozzle tip

Such nozzle tips are used for large cleaning areas. This is a tip having a large opening or orifice. Such nozzles increase pressure in hoses and decrease velocity. It is used for large-scale surface cleaning.

Picking up the perfect nozzle

Following are the steps that should be taken into consideration:

One should sensibly pick up the nozzles. Secondly, wide-angle tip nozzles would be preferred. Thirdly, short distance and long-range would be preferred. And lastly, testing on the limited area before the large area would be preferred.

The following few things should be taken into view before picking up the nozzle. Keep the nozzles at a natural distance so it does not affect the surface. This would decrease the chances of damage.  Then start changing and applying different nozzles. Super neat cleaning and efficient work will be done while using this. When the nozzles will hit the surface, it might change their shape a bit. The nozzle is responsible for creating pressure in pressure washers.