Safety Features of a Good Wheelchair lift

Safety Features of a Good Wheelchair lift

Installing a wheelchair lifter in your home is an accessibility solution that assists your loved ones who are in a wheelchair or walker to become independent. But however much they help people with mobility limitations, the most important is the device's safety to ensure that it's safe to transport a person from different floors. To ensure that the passengers using the wheelchair lift are safely transported, you need to be highly keen on the safety features of the lift. If you are looking for any safety features of a wheelchair lift, consider looking at the lglifter's page.

Safety Features to look for in a Wheelchair lift.

There are many wheelchair lifts available that have different designs and features. It's essential to pick one that suits you or your loved one but has the following safety features:

1. Battery backup

Most vertical lifts use energy so that they can move. To turn it on, you have to plug it into the socket and turn it on to be able to use it. But there are two types of drive mechanisms of vertical lifts: the hydraulic drive and the screw drive. If you are looking for a lift that you can use with a battery backup, then the hydraulic drive is the best option compared to the screw drive you can't use with a battery backup. Though the screw drive is affordable and easy to use, you can't rely on it when there is a power shortage.

2. Emergency communication

If a rider is trapped in the wheelchair lift, there should be some form of emergency communication. It can either be a telephone in the lift where the rider can access it to dial and call for help or a simple button to alert the situation. When purchasing a vertical lift, it is vital to look for one with emergency communication in case a rider is trapped.

3. Alarm for obstacles

Always choose one with an alarm for obstacles when buying a platform lift. There is a chance that something could be in the way of the wheelchair lift. It could be hazardous, cause a severe accident, and harm the rider and wheelchair lift. All vertical platform lifts should be installed with an alarm system or a tracking sensor so that when something is blocking its way, it can alert the rider something is impeding the way so the rider can call for help.

4. Overload protection

All vertical lifts come with a maximum weight capacity. It's crucial to purchase a vertical lift that can detect overweight and temporarily stop functioning. Exceeding the required weight may result in the machine malfunctioning as it is required to and may be expensive to repair.

Not only that, but it also may compromise the safety of the passengers.


To install a wheelchair for domestic or commercial purposes, you should look for the above safety features. The most vital thing to consider is that the riders reach their preferred floor safely. Having a wheelchair lift with safety features like an emergency communication alarm, overload protection, alarm for obstacles, and battery backup will assist you in achieving just that.