The Portable Pressure Washer

The Portable Pressure Washer

Premium Pedigree

The first appeal of this portable pressure washer is its sandbox design. It is simply attractive to the eye. The second appeal, Kink-Proof is its portability due to its size, which means that you can take it wherever you go. If you enjoy the outdoors, this is a machine to pack along with your hiking shoes and tent. It is very light and can easily be carried. The third appeal, however, is the one that makes you fall in love: the fact that among the electric washer family, this pressure washer from Giraffe Tools is equipped with the best performance motor efficiency. It comes with a German machine import pedigree, and it lives up to the billing. It delivers extremely strong momentum.

Three Mode Spray

This pressure washer is as appealing to the eye as it is practical. It comes with a three-mode spraying nozzle. You can choose between direct flow; fanning spray or foam spray and you will still get the best result based on your choice. The three modes can be regulated and combined randomly. The machine is simply designed for the job! The intensified cleaning function due to the strength and speed of the washer motor is simply delightful, especially coming from such a small-sized machine.

Only clean water

The Giraffe portable pressure washer is fitted with a thin stainless water filter to ensure clean water only gets into the system. This is enabled by an industrial mesh to keep away any filth. This process not only enables a clean finish no matter what you apply the washer to, but also ensures your machine will perform perfectly for a long time due to a thorough purification system.


You can use this portable washer for any kind of task. It will clean your car and your driveway. It will water your garden and wash your boots. It will bring sanity to a messy construction site as it will provide sightly joy to a dust-caked fence. It also comes fitted with a dual auto-priming system, which gives you versatility in obtaining water sources.


High-pressure water directed at the wrong target can cause damage. Equipment can also get waterlogged due to spilled water that is out of control. This pressure washer will stop all functions when the spray gun is released. This is due to its safety-conscious total stop system. So, not even a subconsciously answered phone call or neighborly greeting can distract you enough to misdirect the water. The moment the spray gun is released, all water will stop.


You can obtain this portable pressure washer in either black or grey.


At $129.99, this versatile washer could be yours. Shipping is free and can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. You will enjoy a 2-year limited warranty. It also comes with an owner’s manual for instruction and reference.

Hose length

It comes with a 20-foot hose length and a 35-foot cord length. Enough length to maneuver around your work area. The hose is also detachable, so storage is easier. It is retractable and Kinky-Proof.